I have an idea. A bloody brilliant idea. The story will be called Chasing Time and it deals with the story of a girl named Avery Barnes who is charged with travelling through time to figure out not only the secrets of humanity, but of all creation. Avery travels through time picking up various pieces until she figures out that the creatures who are helping her are really the creators of all. By learning this she brings the creators and their celestial legacy to humanity and in the end saves it….

…the only question now is do I write this story for April’s wrimo or July’s wrimo or NANO in novemebr? I don’t think that I can wait for november and I don’t think that I can wait till july either…and while I want to write this story now because I am so inspiried I have already started with my skating story and I don’t want to abandon that. The sooner I write my skating story the sooner I can send it out and the sooner it can get published…I’m working on an end date of eleven months here….

…what to do. What to do….


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