So, I don’t agree with buying into a genre once it becomes big, but sometimes the muse does what the muse wants and my muse for the past week has been working on a vampire story. Go figure. I’ve called it Eternal Night though that is subject to change and it is my version of a turning…this is just a little scene within the short 4000 word story. I hope it provides an insight to these two characters that are starting to ramble around inside my head. There are so many other stories that I could tell…such as what happens after the turning, what happens to the ‘he’ that they talk about in the scene below, etc. So who knows, you might be seeing more of these characters soon, and speaking of the characters without further ado I give you a scene from Eternal Night.

“Who is he?” Leanne asked. “What does he…what did he want from me?”

“Perhaps the more astute question would be to ask what he is.”

“What?” asked Leanne in utter confusion and anger, “What are you talking about? Who are you?”

“My name is John Doe.”

“Oh come on!” Leanne scoffed turning all her anger towards the mysterious man before her in the hopes of temporarily forgetting the fact that her two best friends were now dead. “You have to give me a proper answer. John Doe is a name for someone who has no identity.”

“And what,” began John very quietly. “What if I have no identity?”

“Who are you?” Leanne repeated her voice hovering on the edge of hysteria. “What is your name?”

John sighed. “My real name was Benjamin Scott.”

“So why don’t you go by that name now?” asked Leanne.

“Because years ago I ran into a little girl who was being abducted,” John began pausing as he watched Leanne’s face. He could tell that she was remembering a memory that was long forgotten. “I went to help the young girl,” he continued in a saddened tone. “And in doing so I became a monster.”

At that moment lightning flashed and Leanne could see two dark-red eyes staring back at her.

“Wh-what are you?” she asked in a quiet yet terrified voice.

“I am a creature of the night,” John answered in a solemn tone. “I am a part of a world of eternal night, though I do not partake in the acts that the others of my kind partake in,” he paused and looked into Leanne’s terror filled eyes. “Do you know what I am?” he asked cautiously watching as she nodded. “What am I?”

“There’s only one…one thing that makes sense. And it…it sorta explains why I’m still alive right now. You’re…you are a vampire.” The last word was whispered and yet it seemed to echo in the cave despite the pounding rain.

“Are you afraid?” asked John.

Leanne looked at the face of the man—not the monster—before her. “Are you going to kill me?” she asked knowing that her answer hinged on his.

John shook her head and she let out a sigh of relief.

“Then I’m not afraid of you,” she stated as she inched closer to him like a moth drawn to a flame. “You’ve saved my lie three times now, and the least I can do is offer you my friendship without fear…Benjamin.”

Well there you have it. I think I’m going to submit this story to the Fantasy Magazine and Strange Horizons once I get some feedback from my friends. So wish me luck!

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