I don’t understand it, but people do it and nothing makes me more angry then when people just ignore, or totally dismiss Lucy Maud Montgomery’s ANNE OF GREEN GABLES series and the red-haired character of Anne Shirley that we all know and love. This is exactly what happened today in my Canadian History Class when my professor brought up how there was no quintessential Canadian Novel and asked for audience participation.

I of course put my hand up and said that Montgomery should be considered as one of the great Canadian Authors but he replied that she wasn’t a book. I contined by saying that ANNE OF GREEN GABLES should be considered as a great work of Canadian fiction but he just dismissed it saying that it wasn’t very good.

I take great offence to that statement. To be sure, the writing style of Montgomery is a little out dated for me, and true enough I have only read the first book in her series about Anne but I adore the character and I believe that the live-action mini-series with Megan Follows is brilliant as well.

More than that, the story has endured for a hundred years and is likely to endure for a hundred more. Why even Random House has inducted the series into their modern library. Clearly Anne has made an impact on people and to just blithely dismiss her and her story as not being a Canadian Classic is just insulting.

Therefore, I maintain that LM Montgomery’s Anne should always be considered one of the most beloved characters in not only in the circle of Canadian literature, but world wide literary circles as well.

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  1. AGREED!! And you should totally read the rest of the books in the series…I own them and love them to bits.(By the way this is Lauren Harrison from way back in highschool.)

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