If she can do it…

…then so can I. This is just absolutely amazing, and it gives me great hope. But let me start at the beginning. Years ago, at least four or more, I found the most amazing story of fictionpress.com. It was called QUEEN OF GLASS and it was written by SJ Maas. It is a retelling of Cinderella and it took SJ five years to finish it. I read every chapter and every chapter that I read I reviewed, loving every word. I remember staying up several nights until two or three in the morning on the desktop computer reading and catching up on chapters. When the story was finally over I was terribly sad, but incredibly thrilled for SJ because she had finished what I believe is the best retelling that I’ve ever read.

In the meantime I was fortunate to read her next big project A FAR AWAY LAND that was posted on her yahoo group but has since been taken down, as QUEEN OF GLASS has. However, on her live journal SJ kept us appraised of her journey; blogging on how the revisions were going and how she had sent out query letters to agents, hoping that something magical would happen.

Let me tell you, the best has happened. I checked out her LJ earlier today and saw nothing but mere moments ago I saw that she has updated it with the most spectacular news—she has gotten herself an agent—and this inspires me. SJ Maas is an authoress who has followed her dreams and is now embarking down the path to getting published, and knowing that she’s on that road has inspired me to seriously get down to work the novels that I myself have been working on. As of this moment I have three, one completed in January 2005, another written during 2007 and another in 2008.

Each one of the novels have great potential to be published I think, the oldest needs a few final tweaks, the one from 2007 needs a complete rewrite and the last is just 1/3 done (part of a trilogy). I hope that over the next little while I can get these novels into the best shape that they can be and that I will be able to do as SJ has done and send out query letters.

In the meantime, this blog will serve as a place to hold my thoughts about the books that I read, the shows and movies that I watch, the words that I write and all the things that I imagine. I cannot foresee the future, but I do believe that this journey that I am undertaking will be a great one.


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